Chanel Face Makeup

Chanel cc 2018 review

At that time, when the bb cream was hot, chanel came out with this cc cream, so I immediately bought a chanel cc. One of them is the oldest, and then a new one is slightly whiter than the previous one, and then I bought another one, which doesn’t really make much difference. In fact, …

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Chanel Face Skincare

Chanel BLUE SERUM 2018 review

I always have a lot of stock of the essence class of the muscle base, because often can use, and I am fond of new and old to taste fresh, so will always buy, persistent discovery of new good products, this time I entered the Chanel skin care pit, because a lot of products, very …

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Chanel Cleansers & Removers Face Skincare

Chanel Anti-Pollution cleanser 2018 review

Today I’m going to review the new Chanel Anti-Pollution cleanser I bought recently.Its full name is“Chanel Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream-to-Foam”,although it is sounds like a bluff, And in simple terms,it is a chanel facial cleanser. Actually it is the Blue Camellia cleansing that used bofore. But, it had stopped production now. This is a kind of new cleanser. …

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