The most beautiful island in the maldives

The most beautiful island in the maldives, sonva ghani is located on Noonu Atoll, maldives. which slides into the sea, stars for the by. Since its opening, sonva ghani resort has been hot, popular social network, is a real web celebrity resort. Kimi’s father Lin zhiying has been there with his family(He is a famous racing driver, actor and singer in Taiwan,China).

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The beautiful scenery there can be described as “blue sky, white cloud log cabin, night breeze and white sand beach”. In addition to the beauty, of course, the resort itself is also extremely attractive. Today, we will show you how this web celebrity, whose house price is even higher than that of cheval blanc, attracts people to come here. First is the maldives first sea cinema, open-air cinema has been the standard of sonva, in this romantic place in the maldives sonva seems to be going to the end of the romance, in the breeze of the maldives summer night to see a classic film, waves gently patted, stars twinkle.

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Then there’s the gani resort’s ace in the hole, the water villa’s own slide! Believe also is the reason that many people are attracted to the name. The villa has two floors, and the most basic single-bed water villa is equipped with a slide. Set out in the second floor pavilion along the winding slide into the heart of the sea, who does not have a child’s heart, the hot waterslide villa fully proved this point.

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Since want to carry romance to the end, simply come to the retractable roof that can see a star while lying on the bed in the house, this also probably is every girl’s dream scene. The stars write poetry in the sky, romantic to licentiousness. The high-tech retractable roof can be opened remotely, equipped with a rain detector, which can sense air humidity before rain, close the roof, and watch the stars fall asleep without fear of rain. There are all kinds of equipment and children are not tired of playing all day.

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The resort still practices sonova’s slow life and environmental values, and it is customary to “confiscate” shoes on the island. “no news no shoes” is its philosophy of feeling the earth with bare feet.

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There are sunken dining rooms with refreshing logs and white pillows that have a sense of returning to innocence. The table floor is transparent and you can see lots of small fish, and if you’re lucky you can probably see a turtle swimming underneath.

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The main facilities of The resort are designed and arranged in The Clubhouse, a huge water house in The center of The water house cluster. There are three levels, including a restaurant, a bar, a club, a spa, a cinema, a water sports and a diving school, as well as a visitor centre, a yoga studio, a spa and a study room.

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