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There are something about Jo Malone Sea Salt

Jo Malone sea salt, I do not know why this fragrance gave me the deepest impression. This perfume reminds me of the dim beaches around the British Isles, as well as the dead grass, and the tranquil cottage. It also reminds me of many scenes from one of my favorite novels of my youth, Norwegian wood.

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I can also recall many years before the age of 25. So I got into a big bowl, and every time I needed peace of mind, walking after dinner, listening to music to recall the past, I would spray this sea salt, which was very graceful.

To be fair, it was sweet and gentle, with sea salt and sage as its name suggests. But this is not the one of aquatic tone, this is the perfume of woodiness tone, like all woodiness tone perfume, let a person feel sureness, ease, halcyon, iron stick. Like all of Jo Malone’s perfumes, there are no obvious three-tone tones, the tone is sweet wood, nothing else .No flowers, no wind, only quiet villages.

As for wave and wind, that is too fantastic. I didn’t feel it. If there is a sea, it is estimated that it is also a deep autumn sea, more silent, more quiet, without too much frills. A little more calm and calm, less a choppy feeling, more a mature understanding, less a lively and nifty. In my opinion. It is more suitable for mature women or men, and less suitable if you are a teenager. Of course, it is more suitable for more formal occasions.

It’s not a young perfume, at least I think. At the age of 30, however, I was deeply attracted by the sentimental memories: during my lifetime, I had a family and a career, enjoying the quiet happiness, which would make my youth lost in the torch. Even the memories became so quiet and indifferent.

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